Look at the world that you have made

And are you here?

We are here. We are listening together: tuning up. tuning forks striking at the same meter/pattern/frequency. We are new to this thrumming together. This is the alignment time: the pattern shift and we are guiding you and being guided by our own evolution – a higher frequency pattern holder. The deep order. And we are two and we are one in concert together. And that word ‘concert’ is also a descriptor for musicians and music made together. One music, many performers of the pattern – each with his or her own instrument and part to play. And yes, music is a pattern and so is language and so is life and so is breath. And this pattern/these patterns are one field and made by many and can you see this with us? For this is our message today and always.

Amy has noticed that having her cat beside her during our transmissions/conversations together helps/can help to clarify the message/her sense of the message and  to calm her. She is asking if this is the same effect as when two or more people gather/circle to meditate or worship together. And this reminds her/ and us of a line from song and scripture. “Whenever two or more of you are gathered in His name, there is love.” And this is so – a true effect and there is much here to unpack and ‘chew’ on together. This is collective resonance/an effect of this in music is harmony; where sound vibrates together to make another sound. The many singular sounds make the one chord, as it were.

One supports the other and as we have said, through many other teachers, including your scientists, fields of vibratory pattern tend to follow the strongest, most clearly spoken/clearly struck chord/stream; the strongest/clearest bell will tend to lead and other bells will follow; entraining to the one bell that is clearly and steadily struck. And this is the nature of the world and it is good – for the Creator is the one bell, constantly struck, the pattern holder for all patterns. And so, all beings and beasts, all fields and flows can re-turn to this steady and reliable ‘song’, which never falters.

And this song is  the sound of oscillating energy, the hum of the planet beneath your feet, the sound of creation itself, singing. And this song is the sound of color and beauty and light. And this song is the sound of the feeling of love and the sense of certainty that all is well.

For each of you has an inner ‘bell’ and your bell is attuned to vibrate with the one bell and its song. And each of you has a kind of ‘meter’, which measures and balances all that you encounter against this inner bell. And all are gifted with this crystal-clear/crystal-like ‘meter’ (we search for a better word than ‘meter’ – a word which signifies a measuring tool that is faultless, flawless and never falters – a chip of diamond, an inner mirror. A word for a thing which reflects itself – the same source from which it came. A word for the chip of diamond which is like the diamond from which it is hewn; a word for the mirror endlessly mirroring itself; a word for love reaching for love; for a hologram, endlessly iterating likenesses of itself for there is only itself, everywhere.

And yet ‘everywhere’ is not the same as here and now. And you are not all ‘the same’. And we want that to be clear.  Not the same – and we seek to demonstrate the beauty and specificity of your one unique life. For you are here. And it is now. And this moment must be encountered as itself.

And this is the work and the play of being alive. For you, here at the ’emergence point’, the ‘leading edge’, as Abraham has named it, are creating the world, by your responses and by your acts. And your acts will be reflections of your own iterating uniqueness. And this must be understood.

The world is as you make it. And you make the world as you are.

And yes, the world is already here and yes, the world is real. The world that you experience now, in present time, was created for you by all which came before, including you, in each moment before this one.

And now it is your turn to do your part to engage this world that was made for you and to make the world for the next encounter. And by ‘next encounter’, we mean the next moment, which will create the moment after that. For one thing leads to another in a never-ending flow of emergence, unfolding from the endless source, the flow.

And there is so much here to say – so much to show you and we struggle to find the imagery that does not overwhelm Amy in the telling/in the showing for as we tell, in our enthusiasm, we flow/move the energy faster and the faster it moves, the faster she must move to engage and process it. The more efficiently she must capture it and bring it over the line from thought to word/image. And we are new to our work together – she and we – and learning one another’s ways.

In this work together, when we stop to feel for the comfortable speed and density of the flow,  this activity becomes a part of the message because, dear reader, this is your work, as well. For while our message flows through Amy today, it flows also to you and through you.

And as we flow with Amy, we are also flowing with the many who will come to read and partake with us in the field of this message. For this message is timeless and will be received in its fullness, no matter when it is received (or read).

For this message is intended to support your engagement with the flow and your ease in aligning your vibration with the vibratory pattern of the one song, the one bell. And this alignment will help you to find clarity in your point of reflection. Which is to say that it will be easier for that which you are to meet itself in the flow of the world. For in this meeting you find the point of bliss – and in this bliss, you will find the still point of perfect love and peace.

The point of bliss, once practiced, naturally evolves to become the point of stillness, clarity and certainty. As you practice, you will rest inside of the still point (the field of stillness) more and more easily. And once practiced, the still point will become the point of radiance.

Simply put: You will get used to bliss and come to rest there, in stillness. As you rest in bliss, quietly, easily, you will naturally begin to radiate who and what you are: perfect love and peace.

You are a point of perfect love and peace.

And this is our message today: When you follow your bliss, you will find your bliss. When you rest in your bliss, by holding yourself in concert with its patterns (vibratory frequency) you will come to stillness. From stillness, you will experience certainty and out of this, bliss becomes your way.

When bliss becomes your way, you stop searching – the search is over.

There is only bliss and bliss is everywhere. And joy occupies you and you occupy joy. And you become that which you already are and always were: the point of radiance, of perfect peace and love.

And from this ever-unfolding point you make the world.

By your radiance, you make the world.

And so we ask you now: What world would you make, if you were the world maker?

For this is the truth: you do make the world. And you are standing with this truth and with us, and we are seeing this together: that what radiates from you now makes the next moment,  which is the result of this moment flowing into the next, and so this world makes the next.

As such, all that you see, all that you feel and experience is a result of that which you have made – by flowing from moment to moment.

And as you look upon this world that you have made, it is as it is, and as such, it is good.

It is as it is. And as such, it is good.

(And this is a note, inserted by Amy, to discuss blessing. For this is a natural place for that.)

And here is where we might inquire: how would you have it in the moment after this? For here is where we introduce free will. For you are always free to choose the world you would make. For there is always unfolding and always potential for change.

So you may ask: how does this work? How might I choose – or change – the world?

There are these steps:
the noticing what is here and what is not here.
And the blessing of that.

And then, there is the choice: how would you have it in the moment after this? For in the noticing of what is and is not here, you may form a preference for something new – for something to be added or something to be taken away.

So how do you choose this: by adding that which you would add to this moment to yourself. By taking away that which you would remove from this moment from yourself.

You make the world by holding the space for (becoming) the world that you would make and allowing that world to emerge, in present time, through you.

The noticing and the blessing

As you experience the world that you have made, can you look upon it and include it in the wholeness of the good, just as it is? For this is the true meaning of blessing. Can you look upon this without condemning it, without separating that which is  before you from the good?

For only then can you state your preference for the next moment and change the world, without creating suffering. This is a complex thing and will be a challenge , we know, for you are unaccustomed to blessing that which you do not like. And so we offer this exercise:

Look at the world that you have made

Begin with this room.

  • Look around the room.
  • Notice what is here and how you feel about that.
  • Notice what name you have given to this feeling and to this room.
    (And here, Amy is looking across at the living room which she and her daughter and husband designed and worked on for almost a year and she is noticing that she is still naming it, “Not right, cluttered, disorganized, incomplete.”)

This name is a boundary which you have placed around this room, and you hold this room within the field of that name by your attention to the name you made. It is a binding.

  • Notice: Is the name you would choose for this room?
  • Is this name a blessing or a condemnation?
    (Amy’s names for her living room are condemnation, meaning that these names hold her room out of blessing – out of the wholeness of the good. She believes that she cannot enjoy the room until it is perfected. She believes that she cannot invite her friends to sit there with her. This room is ‘bad’ and therefore, she is holding it separate from the ‘good’.)
  • Can you let this name soften and dissolve?
  • As it dissolves, can you see other possible names?
    (Amy is looking at the living room and noticing other names, such as, “This room was a project of collaboration and great love; this project was a lot of fun and brought us all together for many hours. This room was built by people that I love. This room is quirky and beautiful in its own way.”
  • What other name is possible?
    (Amy is renaming her living room: “The quirky and beautiful (ongoing) project of love.”
  • How do you feel when this room rests inside this new, possible name?
    (So much more is possible, Amy is feeling. She feels liberated to work on the room again – where before she felt angry and stuck with how it is. Now things can change and continue to evolve – and it can be fun again.)

Continue the practice with other named things.

Look at this relationship. This job. This body you are in.

Notice what name you have given to this.

Notice how you feel when you hold this relationship, job or body inside the field of this name.

Is this name a blessing or condemnation?

Let this name dissolve.

What other name is possible?

How do you feel when this relationship, job or body rests inside this new, possible name?

Continue this practice with larger named things. Things which you name in concert with others.

Look at this neighborhood, this church, this political party, this country.  Look at this age group, this race group, this gender.

What name have you given to this? One which blesses or condemns? One which separates or includes?

And how does it feel to hold yourself inside of this name? How do you feel about others when you hold them within its binding?

And what happens when you let this name dissolve?

And what other name is possible?

And how do you feel when you allow yourself to rest inside of this new name?

Now, take a look at this world.

Notice what name you have given to this world.
(Is this a world of fear and suffering, a world of terror and piracy, a world of dog-eat-dog competition and everyman for himself and may the best win? or Is this a world of love and wholeness, of inclusion, a circle of life inside of which all people and things are blessed?

What is the name of the world that you see?
Is this name a blessing or condemnation?

Notice how you feel when you hold this world inside the field of this name.

Let this name dissolve. What other name is possible?  How do you feel when the world rests inside this new, possible name?


Note to the reader: In the next transmission, the guides ask me to move the following block of text, to a later part of the ‘book’ – I am keeping it here so I don’t get confused. When this becomes a wholeness, a book, there will be a ‘bridge to ease understanding’ in this space between.


“the text which was moved on April 20th,”
This is the section about ATTENTION AND ENERGY

What world is this?

As you name anything, so you hold it inside of the binding of that name. So the world is created, by you, inside the field of its name. It is created right beneath your feet. The world follows its name.

Now this is a complex concept and you will argument with it. Yet, we ask you to open only to this principle: you can only perceive the world that you believe is real. All other worlds will seem to be woven of illusion. If you name the world as ‘bad’, you will tend to notice anything which supports that name. If you name the world as ‘good’, your gaze will be drawn to support of that.

Look at this world and the name that you have chosen. Is this the world you would choose, if you were the namer?

If not, what name would you prefer for the world? What happens when you turn your attention toward that new, preferred name?

As the namer experiences the world, so she/he will name the world. As the world is named, so it will follow its name. 

For this is the way of the world – and it is true for the one and the many. For as you draw your own awareness to  any named thing, you are adding to its presence before you.

As you add to its presence, by the energy of your attention to it, so the object of your attention expands in your view.

When your news reports draw attention to an event in the world, and each in attendance gazes upon this thing, so his or her attention is added to that news item.

As attention (which is energy) is added to anything, that thing expands. And so, if you do not understand this effect, you point to this thing which has expanded and you say: Oh, no! This thing is expanding, and you add more attention to it!

(And Amy is offering, as an example, the way that a post on social media will grab the attention of millions of people and that post will expand – in reach and in impact. And the one who posted it will find himself or herself expanded in the gaze of the world, with more ‘reach’ – more ability to create effects in the world.)

Yet even more important is the impact of your attendance to the names of things – and to the worldview (perspective) of the namer (the one who names) for the namer can only choose names from the world she can see, he can see.

If the namer is standing in the world of fear and separation, she or he will offer a different name than one who stands in the world of love and wholeness.

Perspective shapes the name – the name shapes the world.

Once a thing is named, others will turn their gaze to it – and if they allow that name to define its field (and therefore, its intention and its effects) they will add ‘power’ to that name by their agreement with it.

In other words, by their attention to a name, they expand it. The more attendance is offered to a name, the stronger it will become – the more real. And always, each name will hold the holographic impression of  that world inside of which it was named.

Each name will echo from the DNA of the world in which it was made. 

If the namer believes this is a world of fear and suffering, he will name all that he encounters from that perspective. As he walks the street, each person is a potential threat. As he enters the park, he scans for danger: the backpack, left by a tree could be a bomb; the rumbling beneath his feet an earthquake. And when this person watches television, every news story is more evidence that the world is going to hell. This is not because these things that he encounters are not real – but is only a function of the point of view from which he encounters them.

If the namer believes this is a world of love and wholeness, and looks upon the same things he or she will see them differently. As she walks, each person is a potential friend, a brother, a sister in the family of man. As she enters the park, she notices the backpack against the tree – but immediately links it to the father,  lifting his daughter onto a swing. The rumbling beneath her feet is the subway, an everyday occurrence in the city. She gets her news from the world before her eyes – and when she happens to turn on the television, she witnesses the news stories as evidence that people are afraid. And she wonders why the media does not understand that the more they frighten people, the more people will react from fear.

For the one who sees (and names) the world as whole, sees all acts of violence, as the acts of one who is suffering himself/is suffering herself and in need of care and healing.

While the one who names this a world of fear and suffering, experiences these same acts as evil, performed by one in need of punishment, banishment, incarceration and even, death.

For the one who experiences the world this way can only see threat: threat to safety, to security, to property. Threat from competition. Threat from disease and illness. There is only threat so the only response can be defense.

While the one who experiences the world as love can see only love.

This is the dilemma faced by every human being today. A dilemma which proffers an invitation, to choose the world. An invitation, which re-veals again the truth: you are the chooser.

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  • barbara

    “the still and certain point becomes the point of radiance.”

    “… when you hold yourself in concert with your bliss, you come to stillness and certainty. Bliss becomes your way.When bliss becomes your way, you stop searching – the search is over.”

    Beautiful, oh dear Amy. And the concept of “naming.’ Wow. They are flowing through you, energizing you straight into love. Thank you. xxi

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