All of this is okay: another poem-y post

photo-2Note to self:
When you wake up at 3 am and work til 6 – and then go back to bed and dream wild dreams, all of this is okay.

At 10 am, you will feel like writing mad poetry while lying – without a blanket – on the lawn. When the sweet Jehovah’s Witness comes to hand you a copy of ‘Awake’ you won’t notice what is happening. Nevertheless, you will be kind to her – because you like her, and maybe even love the way she keeps coming back.

Oh, and by the way – she will be the first one to notice that you cut your hair. And when you tell her you cut it yourself two weeks ago, while looking in the mirror and thinking: Enough of this, she will laugh. “It looks good,” she will say. “Were you having a hot flash?”

An hour later, the paperwork you’ve been waiting for since they took your car away will arrive.

You will drive (your husband,’s car) to Wendy’s Auto Zone where, for $50, she will hand you new plates. (There is magic here – and you know it if you’ve ever stood in a line at the DMV.)

All day, you will feel like sitting down – and then standing. You will write all afternoon at the kitchen counter.

There will be a strange sort of ante-rhythm to the day.
You will eat dinner before the sun goes down, at only 4:00.

You will watch “Call the Midwife” on Netflix, while eating salmon.
The sun will go down.
You will read yourself to sleep.
All of this is also okay.

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