I say that I am afraid but I am not afraid.

Lately, I’ve been catching myself thinking that I am afraid when I am not actually afraid. As if I’m waking up in the middle of a dream and realizing that I’m not the person I thought I was. It happens when I’m passing a mirror and I catch myself running through the litany of self-criticism that I’ve only recently noticed is there. I’ll catch my own eyes in the mirror and smile. as I realize: It’s all just… bullshit. Sometimes, I laugh. Mostly, though, I smile – at myself. Warmly. With great respect and love. I am not afraid any more. I realize. I am brave – so brave. And I am free.

When I bring this to the guides, they tell me:

As you adjust to living inside of the message of love and peace, your old habits will become visible to you. As they become visible, they will soften and fall away and you will no longer be able to access the thoughts and feelings you used to take for granted.

You will respond in new ways, more genuinely, with more presence. You will be less and less caught in habitual reactive responses, less haunted by re-minders of your past and much more settled inside of yourself.

You will shift fully into the message field and the sense that you are splitting will also dissolve. For you are not splitting, you are changing worlds, shifting from the world of fear to dwell fully in the world of love and peace.

As you are shifting, the layers of your body are adjusting to the higher frequency of the field of our message, you may experience surges in the physical body and emotions. You may feel pressure or zaps of electricity or heat in the body. You may have headache, nausea or vertigo. You may feel weepy or angry – or swing, inexplicably, from joy to grief and back again. You may see flashes of light or color as the etheric body adjusts. 

And yet, as you rest inside the field of our message, you will not be concerned about these occurrences for your awareness is also being heightened and you just know things will be okay. 

At the same time, certain things will become inaccessible to you. You will not be able to un-know our message – and so even though, in the past, you could take a vacation from kindness, from compassion, now, separation from our message of love will create upheavals. 

You will no longer be able to cause fear or suffering to another without feeling it yourself. You will experience more directly the effects of your mirror universe.

You will witness, also, the effects of your own thoughts much more directly. You will wish for contact with someone and they will call you – or show up out of the blue. 


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  • Linda Stephens

    …realizing I am in a similar shift. the physical upheaval, the awareness around habitual responses, the lessening of past hauntings. thank you for bringing word to this experience through your sharing.

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