My reading partner and I just finished exchanging readings and it was enlightening in every way. The cards she pulled for me have given me some clarity and insight on what is constellating around me now.  Thank you for the cards, for the guidance on how to use them, but, most importantly, the opportunity to pair with others and deepen our connection within the circle.
~ Jan Grant

Intuitive Soul Call Card Reader Workshop

Learn to read for yourself and for others

Divination cards help us penetrate our superficial thoughts, guiding us, through symbolic prompts, into the realm of deep wisdom. The Soul Call Cards help you access that wisdom consciously, bringing to light your unique way of intuition and enhancing your ability to read symbols and patterns.

In this fun and illuminating four week course, I’ll teach you to unlock that ability consciously, bringing to the surface your connection to the symbolic, to the archetypal, to the conversation we are having below conscious awareness all day long.

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I’ve been using divination cards since I was 25, when my friend Susan gave me my very first Tarot deck. The cards woke up a part of my awareness that seemed to have been sleeping – quite literally, as the symbols and connections the cards make are often only accessible through dreaming.

The Soul Call Cards took that connection to the next level. These small purple cards, each printed with a single word, seem sprinkled with magic fairy dust, somehow able to guide us to access the real magic – our own wisdom. This wisdom runs under the surface of our conscious awareness but it’s always there.

If you’ve ever ‘just known’ something was about to happen or noticed a pattern repeating itself in a friend’s life – or your own; if you’ve ever looked at an image and been reminded of something meaningful, you’ve accessed that wisdom.

So, even though the Soul Call Cards are not really sprinkled with fairy dust, once you start using them you’ll see – they sure seem to be!

I did my first reading for someone else last night. As nervous as I was, it went really well. I pulled the cards and talked through the positions and the possible guidance as I see it in relation to her situation and question. It was an intuitive sharing as she quickly understood (and loved) the reading and began adding a lot to my comments ….. It became a dance not only of the cards but between the two of us.
~ Angela Walker, Liverpool, UK

In this 4-week course, you will:

  • Practice: exchanging powerful, meaningful readings with others in our private discussion group
  • Master: the layouts and spiritual principles of the cards with clear step-by-step instructions
  • Develop confidence in using your intuition to offer powerful, meaningful readings

You’ll learn

  • To see symbolically, beyond the surface of a problem, challenge or situation to find the deeper meaning
  • To find openings for healing and a simple way of explaining them to your clients (and to yourself)
  • To see,understand and clearly explain the symbolic messages you see
  • To offer readings to others – and don’t be surprised if THEIR intuition deepens as you naturally, easily teach others what you see, sense and know.

You’ll develop your own Soul Call Card spreads
– and learn a few that are not in the guidebook, including: The Chakra Spread.

You’ll receive a template you can use to print your own cards, allowing you to add words to your deck that are meaningful to you. You’ll hear from people who are already Certified Intuitive Soul Call Card Readers. They’re using the Soul Call Cards in their personal and spiritual counseling practices. If you’re inspired to do the same, you’ll be invited to complete the certification requirements yourself.

In poker (I come from a poker-loving family) there is the saying, “The cards speak for themselves.” I’m finding these cards are doing the same. When I drew three cards for the call, the meaning was so plain and clear I was dumbfounded. No need to ponder, interpret, move things around, or second guess any of it. The same thing happened to me again today. Pulled three cards, and then a fourth one decided to come along for the ride. A blisteringly clear message. Holey moley!
~ Julie Favreau Schwartz, Queens, NY

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Intuitive Soul Call Card Reader

(with Certification Option)
July 18-August 8


Your Program Fee includes:

Two (2) Group Calls with me
Saturday, July 18th at 2:00 pm/ET

Thursday, August 8th at 2:00 pm/ET

Facebook Live meetups
As needed

Video Tutorials, where I demonstrate:
* The card positions of a basic ‘9-square’ reading
* Interpreting ‘difficult’ cards like: ENVY, DARK
*Reading for yourself
* Working with a client, one card at a time
* The 21-card ‘Chakra Spread’
… and more

A private (and lively) Facebook group, where you will
*Partner up to exchange readings (once each week)
* Deepen your intuitive interpretation skills
* Practice articulating guidance for others
* Increase your awareness of signs and symbolism
* Constellation of readings for situations, communities and the world

The skills you learn in this workshop will transfer. Your mastery of ALL divination cards will expand. Your readings will deepen, your insights become more meaningful, as you tap into the magical flow of meaning that’s right here, glittering under the surface of everything!

Pay What You Choose

This program is offered on a “Pay What You Choose” basis. I trust you – and if you want to be there, I want you in the circle.

soul call cards amy oscar
Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 10.23.29 AM

The conversation that happens around these cards is much like the conversation that happens in a spiritual direction session. It’s not about me pulling a bunch of cards and saying this means this or that. It’s a flow between me and the cards and the person being read for. It’s beautiful to watch it unfold.
~ Eveline Maedel, Certified Intuitive Soul Call Card Reader, Nipigon, Ontario, Canada


Optional Certification Track:
If you want to offer Soul Call Card Readings as part of your own work, I offer an optional certification track.

Certification Requirements

  1. Watch the Training Videos
  2. Participate in the group discussions on Facebook.
    (It’s okay to listen to the live calls by recording.)
  3. Complete 20 Soul Call Card readings for friends, family and/or other members of this class.
  4. Write a one-page (only) “Certification Essay” describing your experience with the cards, including details from at least one reading.
  5. Submit your Certification Essay here

Normally, there is NO additional fee for certification
For the Quarantine Program – a small fee will be required.
Because we are offering the program as Pay What You Wanna, there will be a $50 fee to review your certification essay and prepare, package and ship your certificate.

Your certificate will read, “Intuitive Soul Call Card Reader”. It will be sent in the mail.

Questions you may have

Q: I can’t make this class, when will the next cohort begin?

I offer this program once or twice a year. Rather than miss this go-round, consider doing the program via recording. You’ll still get the full benefit as most of the real work takes place in our Facebook Discussion group, which you can visit at any time and in the paired readings you’ll do with one another on your own time.

Q: What is the program format?

The program is delivered online, through Video Tutorials, Facebook discussion and review of the readings you and others in your cohort post, and through Paired Practice Readings (one each week). There are also two live ZOOM Calls.

Q: What happens in the ZOOM calls?

I introduce you to the program and offer an overview of the concepts of the Soul Call Cards. There is a guided meditation to give you the experience of being inside the field of the cards during a reading. We do a shared reading – each pulling one card.

Q: What happens if I miss a call?

You can’t really miss our live calls! They’re recorded and posted in our Facebook group immediately after the call. I remain with your cohort throughout the month, answering all of your questions and commenting on your readings in the Facebook Discussion group.

Q: Is there a pre-requisite for this class? 

No. Even if you’ve never worked with me before or taken one of my classes, you are welcome to participate.

Q: Do I need to know how to read Tarot or other divination cards?

No. The Soul Call Cards have their own logic. A logic you’ll easily understand. No previous experience is required.

Q: Will you be helping us interpret our readings?

Yes! Every day of the program – I am very active in the Facebook group and there are plenty of experienced Soul Call Card readers there, too.

Q: How can I buy a deck of Soul Call Cards? 

Use this link to order The Soul Call Cards and Guidebook

Q: Can I have a Soul Call Card Reading with Amy?

Yes! Use this link to read about and schedule an Illumination Session
(Also, remember, as part of this program, I’ll help interpret ALL readings shared in our Facebook group.)

Got another question? 

Here’s my email: