I never thought this was possible but last night I was lying in bed and weeping tears of love. This happened after I read a class member’s post and saw so many Soul Callers responding. I felt the love. I have been feeling really good myself this past week, as if I am arising from the ashes, never envisioning I can be a Soul Caller and really ‘be love’. I was thinking and feeling Amy and her non-judgmental ways, demonstrating love. I was feeling the beauty of my own tiny little family of my two kids and I just felt love. Pure love. I never knew I could experience this love and gratitude I have for all.

~ Lori Abramson Friedman, U.S.

After our call so much has changed. It’s so much easier for me than before to communicate really from my heart – not from behind a wall, but from the safe place of my Golden Egg Self. Talking to people is no longer small talk (which has always been horrible for me), but natural talk from the heart. Sometimes now, I listen to myself and wonder: Is that me? It feels wonderful. Old family entanglements seem to dissolve and last weekend, we were all able to communicate from our hearts and souls. I feel so touched, so blessed, so deeply, deeply grateful. And I feel myself opening to the truth that I am a Lightworker, that I am allowed to teach people about angels, about magic, about the call-and-response-Universe. This fills me with so much joy and love! I do not want to end the Soul Caller Training. It is so precious to me…”

~ Edith Lettner, Lightworker. Salzburg, Austria.

“Soul Caller has given me a path to spaciousness and self-acceptance, a place to go when I thought I’d reached some dead end, a quenching balm for this parched seeker. The Soul Caller work moves well beyond angels and meditation, creating a safe place to meander through your own heart and arrive, at last, at the fresh water pool that is your own special knowing. From the first tentative toe dip in the Soul Caller Training to the deep dives that follow in Amy’s other classes, the various explorations of my own ancient connection to all things came just as I was ready to receive them, just as my heart finally relaxed into itself once, then again and again. With this has come a quiet wonder at the smallest of miracles – snowflakes, rain puddles, sleeping smiles, songs on the radio and the smell of a fresh brew.”

~ Linda Stephens, Heart-Centered Marketing Consultant, Chicago

“Your teaching and our call helped me to stop doubting myself. I now firmly believe that I am not alone, I am loved beyond anything I could ever imagine, I have a deep inner wisdom and authentic power, and I know that I am here for a reason… to use my gifts to help others learn those truths for themselves. I see the world as you do, reaching for the light, and I want to be part of that movement.

~  Becky Deerr, Yoga teacher, Reiki Master, Indiana

“There are some things in life that elude words and the experience I had with you, and the Soul Caller class is one of those things. Every Tuesday I would sit down with you and feel like I was home…exactly where I was meant to be. Every class, you would intuitively offer exactly what I needed to hear at that time. You offer such profound wisdom and an unfettered understanding of Life and what this journey is all about. I feel deeply blessed to have been a part of your Soul Caller program. Thank you, Amy, for supporting me in opening to Life; for allowing me to be moved by Life and to embrace all of it, with compassion, curiosity, and wonder.”

~ Jeannine LeBouthillier, Spiritual Therapist, Canada

“You have this amazingly wonderful ability to tune-in and speak to people in their own language. We accomplished in two hours what I had worked on for over a year in treatment. Thank you from the sweetest spot in my heart. After speaking with you, I’ve been on a huge upswing. I’ve been doing the work and it’s paying off. You gave me the clarity and gentle guidance I needed. I am not alone. I am not off. I see my gifts for what they truly are and will no longer deny or disempower them; I will love and nurture them and ask for help if and when I need. I feel empowered to go ahead with my life now. I believe I know how now.

~ Nina Bell, Waldorf School Teacher, Fashion Designer, Mom

Dear Amy: I cannot possibly put into words how grateful I am to you, for your love and wisdom and your beautiful work. This year has been an enormous transition for me it’s because of LAB and all the beautiful Soul Callers that you have gathered that has made my year so flipping’ meaningful. I would not be where I am – and where I am is the perfect place for me – if it wasn’t for you and your guidance and absolute faith in yourself and your work and our angels. I thank you from my soul. I love you from my heart. I bless you with every ouch of my being.

~ Angela Walker, Founder of Katie’s Readers, U.K.

I believe what Amy does is give permission to slow down and see another perspective. For many of us. it takes time to see and embrace our own unique magic, to define what our brilliance and success is in a way that’s a perfect fit for who we are deep in our being and says bollocks to what every one else’s version is.   To really find space to find who you are. I think she opens the door for that – by modelling her truth so we can see our own.

~ Vanessa Anstee, U.K.

“Spiritual science, intuition, and love come together in a unique classroom – a place of discovery that opens our hearts, encouraging and inviting us to be our most radiant selves in the world. A powerful, heart-opening journey. I have been searching for the truth for many years… I found it through Amy. Her keen intuition, depth of knowledge and strong yet gentle way is a gift to the world.”

~ Barbara Newman, Founder: Cowgirls Are Forever, writer, filmmaker, speaker- Massachusetts

“It is thanks to Amy and The Soul Caller work that I started unearthing my true self and authentic being. The clues had all been there in my journey towards Soul Caller with previous life coaches, naturopath/holistic therapists, and healers, but this was the catalyst to lift the lid on the false self and make the unconscious conscious.”

Melanie Maddison. London, England Multi-media intuitive fine artist & photographer.Creative soul mentor. Founder of “Woman Soul Odyssey”

“Life had always been a hard and often painful struggle for me. I am a very intense person, and that used to feel like a detriment. Amy has been a profound teacher in showing me how to calibrate my energy flow, to stay in the center of my being and to trust in my benevolent heart. This is not so easy to do in the maze of today’s cynical world. But in the Soul Caller community, this is the most natural way to live. At my 2nd Saturn Return, I am completely reinventing myself and my life. I am filled to overflowing with gratitude for Amy and the world she has helped me to see.”

~Deb Chamberlin, Founder of The Awakened Artist, Singer-Songwriter, Awakened Artistry Coach and  Voice Teacher. New Jersey

After my Soul Caller year, I gave up trying to define myself by what I do in the world. (Lawyer? Naturopath? Writer? Actor? The labels come and go.) I discovered instead that at heart I am just a person birds like! While working in the SC group it kept happening: birds flying into my work space, letting me pick them up in the back yard, and once leaving me a full set of “angel wings” during a beach walk. I like to think of myself now as a Creative Alchemist, World Explorer, and Synchronicity Seeker. Thanks so much for leading me to this sweet space.

~ Kate Ladd, Creative Alchemist, World Explorer, and Synchronicity Seeker

“Thank you for offering this experience, this knowledge, this space. Thank you for making it possible to connect with like minds and hearts with whom I never otherwise would have crossed paths. Thank you for making this accessible. Thank you for calling me back home to a part of myself that I had set aside because I did not understand it, could not make sense of it, too often felt embarrassed by it in the presence of others. I look forward to the day–a day that is much nearer now–when I am sending this part of me out into the world without mask or costume or camouflage.”

~ Kathy. U.S. (Personal details withheld)

“When I began working with Amy I was fearful and deeply saddened from the early loss of my mother and abandonment of my father.  My heart was broken and I was angry at the Universe. Where therapy seemed to expand my pain, Amy’s gift for Spiritual Direction leap-frogged right over it to the teachings and gifts inside our experiences. Amy directed me past ego and all its polarity thinking, into soul. Working with archetypes, dream interpretation, and symbolic sight completely shook me loose from my extremely limited view of life. With her strong intuition and gentle teaching manner, she helps me to extract themes and pull them up to the surface for deep examination. She shakes me loose when I am stuck and has helped to open my heart. I now have such gratitude for all of life, even for my losses. Thank you, Amy.”

~Morgan, U.S. (Personal details withheld)

“When I turn toward Amy Oscar it feels like I am turning toward the sun. There are angles and corners and lines that she has illuminated for me that even I don’t completely grasp. Which is why, when I’m feeling blocked, I often need only to reflect on a conversation I’ve had with her to release it. That’s how powerful sessions are with her. They can last you a lifetime.”

~ Diana Strinati Baur, Author, Ceramicist, Germany

“I just wanted to express my deep gratitude for you today. I’m reflecting over my journey the past 12 months, and you are such a pivotal important pillar in my story, such a beautiful agent of change. Without meeting you and doing Soul Caller course and work, I would not be where I am right now. So thank you for being who you are, and for following the call which allowed me to find you.”

~ Anthea Flowers, Australia

“I was staggered — eyes-wide, mouth-agape, knock-kneed — at Amy Oscar’s extraordinarily swift, sensible, and spirit-lifting insights during our Soul Caller session. Her rich grasp of symbology, her nurturing voice, and her ability to pull deeply personal questions into a wider celestial plan left me softly sobbing into the phone line. I sketched out the cards that Amy pulled for me, and that drawing has permanent residence in my day planner. It was a moment in time that can really only be labeled three things: precious, moving + sacred.”

Alexandra Franzen, writer, teacher, creative minx & author on a quest to inspire ecstatic self-expression — in life, love & business

“Amy Oscar listens, pulls cards, and helps you see meaning, pattern, and direction. You emerge with clarity. It’s a deeply illuminating experience.”

Gemma Stone, Psychologist, Coach, Speaker and Guide

“Amazing, amazing, amazing is all I can say about Amy Oscar. We had our session today and I’m still buzzing. The best part was that she pointed out all these connections for me- connections between my passions and my creativity and my hopes and the things I am already doing- it was like getting a roadmap for my soul. I love that she made *me* do some work in there. It made everything SO FRICKIN’ CLEAR when I had to put it together in my head, and she could totally tell when I was withdrawing, so I was forced to tell her my “but, what if…” responses as they came up, which led us DEEPER into the issues that needed to be resolved. It was like magic, in a way. A truly THOROUGH exchange. I haven’t communicated like that in years. It felt amazing to do (although I was exhausted right after, which I know means I was REALLY digging deep and being honest- I’ve mastered the art of “smooth conversation” to preserve my energy around people, and there was none of that yesterday.)”

Chel Micheline, 30-something mixed-media artist & jewelry designer,  writer, gardener, art historian, long-distance swimmer, crochet addict, movie watcher, animal lover, and avid reader, Florida

“Feeling stuck was beginning to become a trademark for me. I am working on so many aspects of my life, trying new things, retrying old things, frequently asking is this what will make a difference for me? Bottom line, this session worked for me. Amy has an incredible knack for getting to the heart of the issue, connecting and drawing together the parts of your life you can barely see, to help you make the whole much clearer as you move through and better understand your life. My soul caller session set my life in motion.”

~ Mandy (personal information withheld)

“It felt like a healing to be seen, heard and not judged for my perceived failures. Amy really got into the nooks & cranny’s and picked out pieces of myself and why I’m here. She got down into my history, but not to stew in it… only to recognize it for how it got me to where I am. She also hit the nail on the head SO precisely with two specific areas that I literally broke into tears, and then sobs (me, who is not often able to cry.. even when I need to…).
I felt like my heart had been broken open.. even now I feel it again as I’m telling you about it.”

Angel Fortney Sullivan, Website Designer, Magick-Maker and Meaning-Finder, Florida

“How many times have I found myself saying, ‘What I wouldn’t give right now for a Crystal Ball?’ At least, that’s what I used to say. Now, I find myself asking, ‘what would Amy say?’ Time spent with Amy and her Intuitive Wisdom is like plugging directly into my Soul. Information is gently shared that both sounds and feels so right, so familiar – even though I’m hearing it expressed for the first time. Time with Amy is a gift and the value is immeasurable!”

Sally Gentle Drew, Spirit Sleuth, Canada

“You helped me far more In one phone call than weeks spent with two different therapists. You knew things – without my having to explain much – and helped me emerge from a difficult life transition. A few months later, when my son felt the ripple effect of my decision, you were the first person I thought of. After speaking with you, he was able to speak with me. Thanks for being there – for both of us. Immense Gratitude.”

~ Connie Burke, Business Executive

“It’s like I walked out of the fog bank.  I have a direction, a meaningful focus for my attention. My mission/calling is becoming clearer.  My heart is filled with joy, possibility, and relief (at finding the connections).”

~ Maureen Davin, Volunteer Trail Guide and Naturalist, Tennessee

“I was deeply moved by the path Amy led me on, and so many things came to light. Ages old hurts and resentments were flushed out and put into a “story” I could understand, follow and gain release from. Her generosity of time and spirit were amazing. I felt like the work we did was the equivalent of many sessions with a traditional therapist. It had so many different dimensions, too — from the physical to the emotional, to the spiritual– all became an integrally woven part of the story. I would wholeheartedly recommend Amy Oscar to be anyone’s spiritual guide and director. She is truly walking and living the path.”

~ Judy (personal information withheld by request) New York.

“How true is it that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  This could not be any truer of my experiences working with Amy.  When we first spoke in the late winter of ’07, it was my usual “transition time” and I knew the second I met her that it was going to be a transformative experience. Thoughts came out of me in a hurried jumble but with Amy’s help, were put neatly back together in a way that reflected the key areas I needed to develop.  Her caring, nurturing, and soothing wisdom have continued to help me with major transitions in my life.  She has armed me with supportive tools for when I am at a crossroads… and, when I need that extra guidance, has consistently helped me to gain perspective and, some wisdom of my own.”

~ Anne, Designer-Artist, New York

“My wife and I have sought out Amy’s council with wonderful results. Amy provides very specific and accurate information that sheds light on where we’re coming from and where we’re going. Her approach to resolving issues offers food for thought that ultimately builds a strong and tangible connection to improving day-to-day life.”

~ Christopher Horn and Sabine Vogt, Germany