That thing you long so very much to give

You want to offer advice but
a little voice cautions, ‘Who am I to say such a thing?’
Offer it anyway.

You love teaching but
your students keep not learning what you so carefully present.
Keep teaching anyway.

You see the beauty, brilliance and bright potential of your coaching clients but
they never seem to be able to make the shift that you know is possible for them.
See it as possible anyway.

Lightworkers do important and beautiful work.
We bring the light through.
We read it, see it, call it forth and channel it.
We let light spill through our hands, heart and voice
offering illuminate to those who do not yet know how to access it on their own.

But we are not that light – nor are we the source of that light.

It’s our job to help our clients and students access light on their own. It’s our job to see who they really are: visionaries, wise women and men, lightworkers, walking the path right beside us.

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