The Autumn Wisdom Series: Ronna Detrick

Hunger. Desire. And bigger stories.

We are hungry – for acceptance, for connection, for success, for answers; but more than anything, for meaning. And in an absence of such, we search.

Given this statement, you can imagine how I felt when I read these (liberally paraphrased) words on Amy’s sidebar:

That which you seek is also seeking you.

Ah, hunger satisfied if we have ways of understanding this, inviting this, and most importantly, allowing this to be true.

Enter Eve.

When Eve’s story begins it is in the Garden of Eden. Seemingly no need to be seeking a thing. It’s a perfect place we’re told, where every need is met, where God is known, intimate, and close, and where no discord or tension dwells.

I prefer to tell Eve’s story a far different way; as one of seeking – in the best of ways and for the best of things. As a story of desire that’s beautiful and strong. As a story of eating an apple and talking to a snake, which in turn invites levels of God’s love and care previously unknown. As a story of curiosity and longing and risk and intimacy. As a story filled with meaning. And in such, as a story that offers you a feast that feeds, nourishes, and sustains!

Eve’s is a story that is seeking you. She is seeking you. And, whether you know it or not, you are seeking her. She longs to be seen and understood in ways that will change you, transform you, heal you, and enable you to trust your deepest knowing, strongest intuition, and most compelling purpose in life. Isn’t that what you long for, as well?

That which you seek is also seeking you.

Your hunger will be satisfied when your desires are fed. Fan those flames. Allow them room to breathe. Let them come out and play. And silence the messages that tell you you’re too much. Just like Eve, you are so much more! Gardens can hardly contain you. There are worlds to explore. So pack an apple or two and step into a bigger story. Eve’s right there with you.


Ronna Detrick provides Spiritual Direction to both individuals and businesses and creates Sacred Congregation for you! She gets at deep truths and talks about a God and faith you’re hungry for. She has recently released Inspired by Eve ~ a companion guide to self-trust, deep knowing, and a delicious life of desire. Go on, take a bite: learn more.


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