When I trust myself, I know what to do.

When I am swept into arguing with your story about how it is or how it should be, I am in your world of fear.

When I step into your world of fear, I abandon my world, my life and the concerns of my heart.

I lose connection to myself – because my attention is on you. I am not present. Not here.

When I am not present, I cannot effectively meet my own work, my own family. I feel confused and ungrounded. I feel anxious.

When I am focused on you, I am donating my life to you – and to your concerns.

I miss the openings to love and engagement in my own life.

I miss the faces of the people that I care about. I miss their invitations to play, to dance, to love.

I miss what is here because I am focused on what is not here – you and your world.

In contrast, when I am willing to be with what is actually here, I can turn toward this child, this friend, this partner and open my heart.

I can turn toward the ‘problem of you’ and begin to explore its qualities. What is this for? What might it have to show me?

I can do this exploration without getting caught in your world – or your story of how it is.

I don’t get caught because I am inside of a truth that’s able to hold me – I am centered and grounded. I know who I am and what is here with me.

When I allow what is actually here to be here, I just see the truth: here we are, me and this – and I relax. I know what to do.

I know what to do because I trust my nature, which is curious and creative. I trust my instincts, which are perceptive and accurate.

I know what to do because I trust myself – and I don’t need you – to show me what to do.

I am free.

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