What if you… didn’t have to know what anything means or what will happen next


 As I am practicing not having to know these things…
… how to be
… what happens next
… what is coming
… and what it all means.

… And not needing to control what happens next by creating a story about it.
… And not being in charge of the world but rather, being a part of it.

… And integrating into this moment in the way that a breeze is integral to the air and the air is a part of the atmosphere and the earth is a part of the solar system…

a (huge) bee lands on my keyboard for one beat and lifts off again. And a black bird swoops beneath my umbrella, and the server arrives with a bowl of bright berries and a baby cries. The produce delivery arrives, stacks of boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables.

And the tiny bird that is always here, hops around my feet.

And by the time I have captured this moment, this tiny slice of all that is here, it is a new moment, and a hundred thousand new things have happened, all at once.


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  • Joy

    This is so beautiful – and so true! Thank you for the perfect timing and placement of this reflection!

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