Today, I am devoted to one practice: holding space for the love that is (always) rising and blooming and bubbling into the world.  

I am not ignoring what is happening in the world but I AM taking a firm and clear stand inside of myself – reminding myself that these headlines that howl across our screens every damn day are but a blip in what is ALSO happening.

Today, as the US is choosing a president, these are the lines in MY head.

A seed is taking hold in the soil, a breakthrough is beginning in a laboratory, a family is whispering goodbye to a grandmother, a grandfather, a beloved friend.

A child is being born in a hospital, in a refugee camp, in a bedroom and someone is remembering something that will change the course of his life.

Today, in my backyard, as people across the US stand in line to cast their votes, a roof is being patched and a tree is coming down and a bird is singing.

And all the while, the great blue heron (who lives in the pond down the road) is standing silently, waiting for something I do not understand.

Today, ocean waves are tumbling to the shore and
today, the sun is making its way across the sky and
today, leaves, golden and pomegranate and even blue, are floating to the ground.

Somewhere, people are dancing.
Somewhere, a woman is singing.
Somewhere, a man is weeping.
As a baby is latching onto a breast.

Today, I am here in my sun filled studio, quieting my body until I am seated at the center of my own heart.

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